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Duqu virus linked to Word Documents

The point of the new virus seems to be to gather corporate information and then send it to some as yet unknown site. Thus, it’s a form of corporate espionage. Chillingly, researchers at Symantec, the giant antivirus company, say it looks like some of the code in the virus is the same as was found in the Stuxnet virus that wreaked havoc on Iran’s nuclear program, ...
==> physorg.com

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Be The First To Download iOS 5

iOS 5 Now Available:
Download iOS 5 IPSW directly from the links below and install the firmware manually.

  • iPhone 3GS

  • iPhone 4 GSM

  • iPhone 4 CDMA

  • iPhone 4,1 (4S?)

  • iPad

  • iPad 2 WiFi

  • iPad 2,2 – GSM

  • iPad 2,3 – CDMA

  • iPod touch 3G

  • iPod touch 4G

  • Apple TV2

  • Meg Whitman Eyed as Next Hewlett-Packard CEO (Report)

    Meg Whitman's unsuccessful bid for Calif. governor in 2010 has not made her less marketable in the workplace. The former eBay CEO is being eyed as the next CEO of Hewlett-Packard, according to reports. Whitman would replace current CEO Leo Apotheker, ...
    ==> Hollywood Reporter

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    Looking for: Ruby engineer for next revolutionary social networking site - Budget: min $5000 USD

    Budget: min $5000 USD
    A web-based social networking service that allows people to meet new people through introductions by mutual friends, which is known to be the best way to meet new people. Unlike other networking service, it adds credibility to users being introduced since the introductions are made through trusted friends.

    We have
    2 UI/UX designer/front-end engineer
    1 Ruby hacker

    About to close fund raising.

    We are waiting for you

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    Need a professional programmer for C++ Software update

    We have a software that operates with the Mysql Database and need it to be updated to the current needs
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    iPhone app

    Developer needed to integrate zXing multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library in our project in Xcode 4 developer tools package - Budget: $250 USD
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    Skills gap is the cause of USA employment problems

    Many Indian and Chinese corporations, eager to understand how to navigate the American legal system, are employing US law school graduates who are finding it near impossible to land jobs at American corporations. Our college students are all over the ...
    ==> Baltimore Sun

    Small business hiring slows in August, wages dip

    Intuit, a payrolls processing company, said small businesses added 35000 jobs after increasing employment by 40000 in July. The survey is based on responses from about 66000 employers at businesses with fewer than 20 employees that use the Intuit ...
    ==>> Reuters

    Start Your Freelance Web Design Career With Web Design Jobs Online

    Businesses need professional websites making jobs in web design widespread & web designers in high demand. Find freelance jobs in website design online & earn money working from home today.

    Below you can see some projects requesting web designers

    10 things you shouldn't believe about freelancing

    If you’re thinking about going freelance, be forewarned: Much of what you hear — about the freedom, the money, the work itself — is...

    ==> TechRepublic

    What is a Freelance Writer

    What exactly is freelance writing, and what is a freelance writer? What do freelance writers do? What kind of writing is considered 'freelance writing'?...

    ==> freelancewrite.about.com

    HP Pre 3 Will Never Come To US, But It's Crazy Cheap In Europe

    Learn More On the heels of the HP's first and likely last webOS fire sale, word has come from across the pond thatthey're also deeply discounting the cost of the newly-launched Pre 3 smartphone in most European markets. ...

    ==> TechCrunch

    RIP, TouchPad. Can any non-iPad tablet survive - ever?

    Most of those devices flopped critically and commercially, culminating in HP (HPQ, Fortune 500)'s move last week to kill off its 49-day-old TouchPad tablet. The assumption all along has been that others will eventually get the hang of tablets, ...

    ==> CNNMoney

    Surprise -- Your $99 HP TouchPad is a Great Corporate Email

    Man, that's cheap for a tablet. But now you've got to figure out what to do with it. It wasn't like you saw it coming. Kicked to the curb by HP just 49 days after launch, the HP TouchPad has got to be good for something. In fact it will do a lot. ...

    ==> InformationWeek

    BestBuy Offers iPhone 3Gs for Free To Make Way For iPhone 5

    Best Buy's new promotion today for the iPhone 3Gs joins a cavalcade of other sales and promotions in an effort to clear out legacy iPhone stocks in anticipation of the iPhone 5. This sale represents the most extreme promo for the iPhone 3Gs we have...

    ==> The iPhone 5 News Blog

    Taking on smaller projects but earning a bigger amount

    Freelancing is the best especially when you have enough clients for the month. I mean you get this feeling like you're complete but what happens when you do not meet your monthly requirements and things start to get slow? In today's Article I will go over why taking on smaller freelancing projects can be better then taking on just large scale projects.

    ==> Webdevtuts

    How to Find Freelance Translation Jobs

    How to Find Freelance Translation Jobs. When you first start work as a freelance translator, it's hard to know how to find good paying translation jobs. Once you learn how to find translation clients, though, you'll be able to keep the freelance work coming in regularly. Here are some steps you can take to find freelance translations jobs both...

    ==> eHow.com

    URL shorteners

    A List of 321 URL shorteners

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    Designer Freelance - the tools for being an exceptional designer

    A blog for freelance designers, Web design, graphic design, photoshop, illustrator, wordpress tutorials, inspiration and resources.

    Designer Freelance

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    HP Issues TouchPad Liquidation Order – Get Yours Now For $100

    Wow. The day after HP announces they’re discontinuing all their webOS devices, and they’ve already issued a liquidation order. Best Buy, Future Shop, The Source, London Drugs, and Staples will be selling the 16GB TouchPad for $100, and the 32GB version for $150 starting tomorrow. Well, in Canada at least.

    ==> Full Article

    H-P’s TouchPad, WebOS killed — and Apple is the main suspect

    There are people who excitedly bought a TouchPad on the very first day it was released in their countries, and then became orphans less than 48 hours later. That’s just wrong.

    I’m hugely disappointed that HP never gave the TouchPad a chance to find its legs. But it might have been the only sensible choice available to them.
    ==> Full Article

    HP Kills Off webOS Phones And The TouchPad

    In the hours leading up to their Q3 conference call later today, HP has just confirmed that they will be discontinuing operations surrounding the TouchPad and all webOS phones.
    To quote their press release:HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward.
    ==> Full Article

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